Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Expecting to be a Grandmother

Who, ME?  Of course me!  It has been two years since my eldest and his wife married; he is in a good, steady job, they have their own place, so why not?  A few short weeks ago Matt and Jeanette gave us the news we had been waiting to her- they were expecting a child.  We are joyous.

Little Nugget, I think about you often, already.  You are yet so tiny, and there is so much about you we don't yet know.  I pray every day that God will sustain your life and give your Momma health and strength to grow you well and safely.

I think about what the sound of your voice will be like, what things you will love, whether you will have blond hair like your mother or curly hair like your father...or both.  I already pray that you will come to know Christ at an early age, and that you will be a loving and conscientious human.

Your parents are so smart and capable;  I think your mother has loved you before she even knew you.  They will be good parents.  Not perfect, but you must remember, Nugget, that no parent is perfect but most kids grow up to be good adults anyway.  They will do the absolute best they know how.

Now, focus....relax in the safety of your ocean-like world and grow big and strong...we can't wait to meet you.

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