Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Expecting to be a Grandmother

Who, ME?  Of course me!  It has been two years since my eldest and his wife married; he is in a good, steady job, they have their own place, so why not?  A few short weeks ago Matt and Jeanette gave us the news we had been waiting to her- they were expecting a child.  We are joyous.

Little Nugget, I think about you often, already.  You are yet so tiny, and there is so much about you we don't yet know.  I pray every day that God will sustain your life and give your Momma health and strength to grow you well and safely.

I think about what the sound of your voice will be like, what things you will love, whether you will have blond hair like your mother or curly hair like your father...or both.  I already pray that you will come to know Christ at an early age, and that you will be a loving and conscientious human.

Your parents are so smart and capable;  I think your mother has loved you before she even knew you.  They will be good parents.  Not perfect, but you must remember, Nugget, that no parent is perfect but most kids grow up to be good adults anyway.  They will do the absolute best they know how.

Now, focus....relax in the safety of your ocean-like world and grow big and strong...we can't wait to meet you.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tinkling in the New Year

I have never been one to make a big deal about the New Year.  I hate resolutions; they are just one more way for me to fail.  I don't think January 1, the beginning of a new calendar cycle, is a good opportunity to start all fresh and new; I believe EVERY day is exactly that.  I hate loud noisy parties with a lot of people.  I choose not to drink until drunk.  I seldom stay awake long enough to watch the clock tick over.

Nevertheless, the very end of 2012 brought some significant changes to our life and the lives of our children, and it is worth noting to myself that the upcoming year will be a very interesting one.

Matt and Jeanette finally got to move into their very own apartment, which doesn't really affect us much, since they were already moved out of this home, but we did help them move and are very happy for them to finally have their own space.  And, about a week after they moved in they discovered they were expecting a baby!  Wahoo!  Yes, it is their child, but it really is a family celebration.  So this year we will watch our daughter-in-law grow her child and this child will be born into this world if all goes well.  No small potatoes in my book.

The end of 2012 also brought the official moving-out of our younger son Phil, making us true empty-nesters. He first moved into a flat with several other guys and no guarantee of his own bed, and soon after decided to take a place closer to his two jobs and have his own room, own bed, and one roommate.  The first move was harder for me, sending my "child" off into the mean world, but the second move made us proud of him and excited for him.  He is considering the military, so this year could also see him join up, graduate basic and head to training.

So, yeah.  New Years come and New Years go; so goeth New Years.  But this time it truly will be interesting to see what this next year will bring.