Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Musings, 3rd edition

It has been a whole week since I updated my blog, and I hope this will not set the pattern for the duration. It HAS been a very busy week, though, and I have hardly had time to sit down and play, let alone come up with something useful to share. My schedule has been amazingly full, which is good AND bad. I have hardly had a chance to finish preparing for the season before it was jump-starting a month early. So nearly every free minute last week was taken up with cleaning and organizing my work stuff and doing that boring admin work. This is all in addition to the regular family stuff like cooking dinner, paying bills, grocery shopping, building a chicken coop, caring for chicks, etc.

We finally got the tractor started and running. It needed to be jump-started last week, but I guess we didn't let it run long enough, for when we tried to start it again the battery was completely dead. but now the pastures are mowed and filling in beautifully, and even the lawn got done with the bush hog. Yes, it was that long. *sigh*

The chicken coop is nearly done, and I am thinking "just in time!" The chicks still have plenty of room to run around their pool/box, but they are getting rowdier by the day. They frequently overturn their waterer, and will scratch their feed into the shavings in about 10 minutes flat. Grr! Plus, their darting and flapping and shrieking has become a nuisance at night. They are still super-cute, though, piling together on their kindergarten-perch or stretching all out on the shavings for a nap. Their wings are nearly completely feathered, and their tails are getting so long. hard to believe they are only two weeks old!

Griffin tried to grab a brat off the counter last night, but I caught him before he could figure out he only scored the bun and not the meat. I gave him a tongue-lashing and banished him outside (boy its great to catch them in the act!) but that hasn't yet deterred him from his behavior. he gets a nice 'come-to-Jesus meetin' " every time I catch him (third time?)to no avail. Not sure what to do about it now.

Steve is off for a couple days, today and tomorrow. Tomorrow we will hit up an art museum and maybe a garden; today is still up in the air. A trip to Barnes and Noble is about all I know for sure. I DO know that it has been awhile since we have spent a day together and I am looking forward to it.

Today or tomorrow I start the Green Smoothie Girl's 12-step program to healthier eating for life ( but I am not looking forward to it. I can probably tolerate a mostly-vegetable smoothie, but I really don't like raw vegetables. Apparently cooking them higher than 116 degrees destroys the good enzymes in them, so I understand the benefit, but for the first time in my healthy-eating journey I am feeling a little distressed about my diet. The program is meant to be accomplished one step per month over a year, so we'll see how it goes. Maybe slow will be the trick.

Guess that's it. The birds are back and in full courtship mode, and barn chores wait for no man.

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