Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Thoughts in Lieu of Philosophical Musings

The low last night was 48 degrees Fahrenheit. I kept my windows open until about eight o'clock last night, and the fresh air was wonderful! I am sure Tuesday, my older mare, was very pleased to go without her blanket for a full 24 hours. That thing sure does make it hard to scratch all the right places in a satisfying manner.

So it is another day full of promise and possibility; there is lots to do, will I have the perseverance to make it through and be productive?

Matt and Jeanette have been in Michigan since Saturday afternoon, and the house has been very, very quiet. They are due back today or tomorrow, but they are having so much fun that I suspect it will be tomorrow before they return. In some ways it is too quiet; it some ways it is blessedly quiet. I love it now, but when they go for good it is going to be harder.

My body is feeling stronger as I exercise to be fit and eat to be healthy. I am overall feeling so much better; of course anti-depressants might have something to do with that. I am certain that in time and with health recovery I will be able to leave behind the anti-depressants and be healthy through and through.

Phil is on Spring Break but has been working a lot. I am very proud of him for being diligent, making better decisions about being autonomous over his life and considering the future.

Chicks come in two weeks. Guess I better get that coop ready, although I will be brooding them in the house for at least two weeks.

Bud swell on the maples! A large number of big , mature maples in town have been tapped for sugar, and with brand-new equipment. This is interesting to me. I should probably read the paper more often.

Steve is working afternoons this week, teaching the brand-new class how to function as part of an actual crew in addition to just having the knowledge they need to run a nuclear plant. He is very good at what he does and loves the work. Sometimes the days are long, teaching all day and being on his feet all that time wears him out. But I am so proud of this man to whom I am bonded.

Just cleaned the cat litter box. Okay, gross, I know. But recently I switched from feeding her a low-cal "diet" food to full-blown Taste of the Wild (something fishy.) I was told she would probably actually drop weight versus the diet food because it is so efficient produced that they end up eating less. It's true. The litter box is also less full and less smelly. This is an unpaid plug for feeding your animals whole, appropriate foods. Dogs and cats are not herbivores, don't feed them corn and wheat and soy. Feed them meat.

Last night I watched episode four of this season's "Top Shot." Man, that Greg guy is weird. That guy's got issues.

I heard this awesome song on K-Love yesterday, heard the lyrics and tune in my sleep last night. Now I cannot remember either, which doesn't help with a lyric search. Score.

Today I am one day older than yesterday. And that's okay.


  1. Thanks for the musings...the paragraph about the "chicks" after the one about Phil, kinda threw me there...I thought maybe you were bringing in chicks (of the female, human kind) for I was relieved to see that they were the bird kind and that made me feel better about you keeping them in the coop.
    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

    1. Thanks, Cindy, that made me laugh!!!! I hope your day is a blessed one!