Monday, March 26, 2012

Random Musings, Redux

Wow, the weather went from balmy to brrr literally overnight! It feels quite like March today, then back into unseasonable temps for the next ten days or so. This weather makes it a lot easier for me to transition into my landscaping mode.

Our chicks arrived last week, and they are just so cute and funny! We are all enjoying them, even the dogs. I put a chicken-wire lid over the brooder box so they could safely stare at them as much as they want- which is quite a bit, actually. Every chick in the shipment arrived healthy and has stayed healthy.

We were disappointed to think we were going to have to replace the starter in our '48 Ford 8n tractor, but turns out the battery was just totally depleted and our charger gauge is inaccurate. Got it jumped, turned over and ran the first time! You can't beat that old machinery with a stick, when it is properly maintained.

I have an incredible small group to attend every other Sunday evening. Our leader(s) is/are committed, Godly, humble, and wise. My fellow group-attenders are a fantastic group and are not afraid to speak their minds when they don't understand or when they have something to offer the group. Our church has a handful of elders that oversees the goings-on of our church, but even outside the elders our church is populated with many God-seeking men who spend the time to search God and stay in love with Him. Over the years we have lost many such people to the mission field or moving, but as Francis Chan says in "Crazy Love," the analogy was used for him once that a group of Christians is like a pile of manure. Leave it growing in a pile in one place and it is a stinky mess. Spread it out, though, and air and light gets to it and it helps make the plants grow. So it can go with Christians, too. It is bittersweet when we send someone else out to make a difference somewhere else.

I have to mow the lawn already. I like to mow, but it is time-consuming and wasteful of fuel. Last Fall we over-seeded our front 1.5 acres with prairie seed, and killed off a big section of lawn on the west boundary to be over-seeded with prairie grass. Between shrinking the lawn, adding prairie and gardens, the mowing should be reduced to highly-manageable levels in just a couple years.

I came home from small group last night to see Matt walking up the drive with a flashlight. "What's going on?" I ask him as I pull alongside. He and Jeanette heard a startling noise and he went out to see if our Minnie-Kitty (our barn cat) was alright. She was nowhere to be found, and we nervously chalked it up to her being out hunting. At chore time I found clumps of grey and cream fur that could have been hers and could have been from a rabbit. Gratefully Phil spotted her on his way back home a while later. We fully understand that Minnie's outdoor home comes with her potential peril every night when the coyotes and raccoons are out and about. Even one, big feral cat could do her in.

Work is busy; I like it. I think I picked up another job yesterday in the course of random conversation. It is going exactly the way I had hoped God would allow it- jobs just keep coming up, not too fast that I cannot handle it all, but enough to encourage me that I am going in the right direction.

Life is crazy; life is nutty, and fast and awful and beautiful. But God is good; I truly believe that. It is harder to believe it when the crappy times hit, but I do nonetheless. To Him be the glory.

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