Monday, March 19, 2012

Full Steam Ahead

I knew this would happen. This scenario is what I have been preparing for since the end of LAST season: the weather takes a turn for the better (okay, aMAZing!) and immediately there will be 101 things that need doing outside here on the property and landscaping jobs that are ready to roll! Rest assured, this is NOT a complaint. It is exactly how I imagined; however it is a little hectic, the white space in my calendar disappears rapidly, and the housework piles up. Somehow I can’t bring myself to be stressed about that housework though, because it is still March. There will be inside work days- like today. Still a pile of tasks to accomplish, but I have already accomplished so much. I am working with a clarity and focus that I haven’t really had for about four years. That is startling to me. It also makes me excited for the rest of the season. After all, this is what I have been working toward for three years, and where I believe God has led me.

It is going to be an adjustment for everybody: myself, the people who are here during the day, even the dogs. I have re-discovered joy in my home tasks; I still hate how much time cooking takes, but I love planning meals, prepping and cooking, and when Phil texts me “Is there food at home?” I can say “Yes! Yes there is food at home.” It will get squirrelly at dinner-time from here on out, and finding recipes for the slow-cooker that are also healthy is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

On a side-note, my coop is almost ready, albeit it in most basic form. It will be a few months before the chicks will be big enough to go outside on their own into a pen, so I have made my first-stage goal to build a door and enclose all openings in the stall with chicken wire. This is nearly accomplished! The door needs hardware, bracing and chicken wire, but fudging around with dimensions and figuring out the logistics of stringing the netting is finished. Next is cleaning out built up yuck from the previous owners, setting up perches and arranging nest boxes and feeders. It will be awhile before they will be ready for nest boxes and perches, but chickens are not super-smart, and the earlier they are accustomed to their new landscape the less they have to be freaked out by the addition of new “scenery.”

So, this afternoon I submit my first proposal of the season, and tomorrow I meet with a new client to discuss a BIG design job. The day after that I begin a new season at an old client’s house, and Thursday I join a friend in cleaning up her yard and establishing new veggie garden areas. Always a treat there, with the chickens and dogs and fish pond and snakes. The snakes make me squeal every time I see one, but only because I am easily surprised. I do love them, even if I don’t want them climbing up my pant leg!

Well, would you look at that! Time to go already….vroom vroom!!!

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