Monday, March 12, 2012

The Chickens Are Coming! The Chickens are Coming!

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It has been six years since I gave up my rainbow-colored flock of 20 laying hens, the year we moved out of Hell House and into a house in town to recover financially and emotionally. It was strange to me that such a rural town, much of which was comprised of retired farmers, did not allow chickens in any way, shape or form, in town. I was fortunate enough to find someone local to take my whole flock, gently and gratefully.

I missed them a lot, maybe even more than the horse. (Is that possible?) While in town I dreamed again of having some space to raise chickens again, and here we are, six years later, ready to go once more! One 9x9 stall in the barn will have a coon-proof door built, will be completely enclosed with chicken wire, and will eventually have windows cut and an opening to an outdoor run.

But when the chicks arrive on March 21, they will be tiny and featherless. Keeping them warm, dry and well-fed will be top priority, so they will spend some time in a large plastic tote in my kitchen- in the basement, if need be, although that is less than ideal. It is surprising how noisy chicklets can be!

So my new starter flock will include:

· 2 Buff Orpingtons

· 4 Auracanas/Americaunas

· 2 Golden-Laced Wyandottes

· 2 New Hampshire Reds

· 2 Single Comb Brown Leghorns

It is not quite as “rainbow-y” as I would like, but I am pleased with the start! On my wishlist still are another pair of Salmon Faverolles, some Welsummers, Black Copper Marans and Barnvelders. There are actually quite a few left on the wish list, but those are my “priority favorites” for their tinted eggs and, in the case of the Faverolles, their beautiful, bearded faces.

Nothing beats farm fresh eggs, and the family all know that- except my daughter-in-law, that is! This will be her first experience with chickens and she is nearly as excited as I am!

So here we sit, with bated breath and drumming fingers, day-dreaming of the peep-peep-ing box that will signal that we are one step further our homesteading journey.


  1. We love our chickens and the one year we lost our flock and had to buy eggs was devastating! This year we are changing direction with our birds!

  2. I'm so excited for you. I love the variety you have chosen. Makes me want to enlarge my flock with more color! Where did you order yours?

    1. This year I ordered from Mt. Healthy, a new hatchery to me. I split the order with some local gals, though, and that is the place they recommended. I have never had any trouble with Murray McMurray in the past, though. Never lost a chick from them.