Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Summer of....something

This is what I say when people ask me how my summer is/was: "It was....something!" Truly it defies description when I think back on all the things that happened, were brought to light. that changed, that dissolved, that got stronger and, well, firmer. ;o)

Sometimes it sucked to get up and go to work at the golf course. Sometimes it totally rocked! All in all it was a great experience, and I learned a LOT. They want me to come back next year, and it is likely I will. I am playing that by ear though, since there is no point in making a commitment at this point in time anyway.

I accomplished (am still accomplishing!) a lot in my own garden at home. I am pretty close to finished in the front, and have begun thinking about and planning for the back, now. The thing is, though, we are just not sure what will be happening in a year and a half when Phil and I both graduate, so I don't want to put as much time or money in the backyard as I might otherwise...all for naught. But the main thing is that i think I have caught up after my hasty return to school LAST Fall semester. Not finished, by any means, but caught up. It feels good!

Matt leaves for IWU tomorrow. TOMORROW! Steve and I are driving him out there on a Thursday night, and Friday is move-in day. He, um, hasn't really started packing, yet, lol! He's really excited, I am really emotional, Steve is real "Let's get this over with." Phil has mixed feelings. Things will definitely be different, no doubt.

Phil decided it was in his best academic interest to return to the public school. Steve is thrilled, I am less-than. But I support his decision and know why he wanted to make the change, and so far he is doing fine. He is loving playing keeper for the soccer team, joined jazz band, and has a very ambitious schedule of classes. But I am going to really miss my Faith family.

Steve has had a difficult Summer. It was a time of revelation and personal confrontation, and it has not all been good although it is better now. I have not completely processed it all, and I can hardly do it without taking it all in the tiniest chunks, if at all. I think we are fine as a couple- I just don't know about the rest of it. I am still bewildered by all that has transpired, and am trying to keep moving forward.

School, so far, has been a saving grace. It has been a huge blessing to get back and see "my peeps" again, friends old and new. The Hort department seems to be thriving, and this is a good thing. I have an extremely heavy course load, but not a whole lot very, very academic. The hours I will be spending there this semester will be many, but if my health stays good there is no reason not to be completely successful. I am taking: Turf Management; Trees; Shrubs' Hort. Science (a breeze after Botany!); Intro to Hort. Related Ocupations; Hardscapes then Graphics when Hardscapes is finished; a Survey of Nursery Operations; and a three-day Field Studies trip. It is a lot to keep track of, but so far, so good. I am not putting off any of my projects, knowing I have THREE collecting projects due at the end of the semester but that a good, solid frost will put a near end to the collecting.

School keeps me busy in a healthy way; it makes me feel like I am really working toward our goal of getting me in the workforce; and it gets me in cntact with people in a way I would not normally have contact, and this has been good for me. Some things I still have to guard myself carefully from, but I still ove being stimulated intellectually. I love to learn.

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  1. Great to see a blog post!! This has been the busiest, craziest, most eventful summer EVER!!!!
    ~"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." ~Author Unknown

    Love and hugs,