Friday, July 3, 2009

My goodness, six weeks?

I hate when I miss so much time because i then feel like I have to tell about everything that has happened, I know I am going to forget something important, then I don't want to write at all. But this si silly. I am either going to do this, or I am not. So.

My son has graduated. He is registered at Indiana Wesleyan for Fall. He got a job! Yay! Phil is taking College Algebra over the Summer, he is working on Fridays for some friends doing yardwork, he is playing soccer on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings, and playing lots of WoW. Steve has some time off work and is reading, visiting our former neighbors, some great retired folks that we get along with very well. This afternoon he and at least one boy are taking a little road trip around Lake Michigan. Steve will visit some family, Matt will meet up with some cyber-friends he has been communicatioing with for months. Phil will enjoy the ride! I will stay home. Only a little part of me wants to go. The greater part of me wants everybody to get da heck outta here and DO sand SEE something! And I freely admit, having no one here for a few days will take a LOT of pressure off me and feel like vacation.

Only last weekend was the first weekend in six that I have not had company for graduation or open house, or travelled for a second open house or registration. It was WONDERFUL to stay home! I have seen the flipside now, and understand how full-time workers don't want to go anywhere after they have been working all week. I guess I don't mind the going somehwere, but this every weekend stuff was getting exhausting.

Graduation was emotional. There were only eleven kids in his class, and many of the guys spent significant time over here over the years. I was not only watching my son take a big step into adulthood, I was saying good-bye to a whole slew of pretty cool kids. Oh, I am sure I will be seeing them around, but not like I used to. This is difficult for me.

The internship part of my job is over now, I am waiting on my boss to complete a final evaluation and I have to do a little paper to turn in, then I am done with all that! I will continue to work there on the golf course; no reason for me to quit, and they are depending on me to stay on until I cannot swing both working and going to school. I am looking at about 16 to 17 credit hours again this Fall, so that day will come much sooner than they would like, I am sure. I'll have to wait and see how my schedule will work out at school, maybe I can work Saturdays, or something, doing some planting and transplanting.

My yard is beginning to come together, at least the front yard. It is slowly taking shape to becoming what I envisioned the landscaping to be. There will always be changes to make, plants I just HAVE to have, new beds to start. And I won't even talk about the backyard. I am still battling monsterous weeds, and cannot seem to get my problem areas to a please where they are basically self-sustaining. The weedseed bank is astounding, and I have logistical troubles like a chainlink fence that keeps the dog in but allows all kinds of stuff to migrate from my yard to the neighbors and vice versa. Oh and did I mention the weeds? To top it all off, my rose obsession is still in full force, and it clouds my judgement to no end. Seriously, when I should be spending energy developing a design for a new bed all I can see is roses!!! It is seriously hampering my creativity. I don't know how to make it stop. But I am sure I will have fun figuring it out!
So, that' about it. Just skimming the surface, really, nothing too deep, nothing profound. Nothing all that interesting. But now I feel free to begin again.

P.S., I am trying to read "Northanger Abbey," a Jane Austen novel. I guess is is not exactly challenging, but it is not quite fluff, either. I really need soem intellectual stimulation- I feel like I am atrophying a bit. Likewise, my devotions need to pick up. What i really need is a good Bible study, but I typically don't enjoy women's Bible studies for their lack of challenge. SOMEthing's gotta come up soon. Maybe I'll start one myself.

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  1. Glad to hear you had some time to yourself! It sounds like things are settling down a little for you. I was a gung-ho gardener at first, but sadly I lost my mojo after a few years. I do want to put in a walkway around the property. I have yet to decide what kind of medium to use, though!
    - "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things". ~ Robert Brault

    So true...Talk to you soon!! ^j^