Sunday, April 12, 2009


I made it through my first five working days...barely. Thank goodness I had a weekend after my first day, then a three-day weekend this past week. I have never been so fatigued without being sick in my life. Fortunately, every day I spent at work I felt a little stronger and lasted a little longer. By Thursday I could go a full eight hours, and felt fantastic afterwards! Unfortunately I felt rotten on Friday. Now, on Sunday afternoon, I finally feel ready to head back to work tomorrow morning, bright and early. I am glad I am almost done with the toughest of the mulching jobs. I have to say my enthusiasm has been severely tempered by a deep dose of reality. Huh. Go figure.

Another Easter has come and gone, and I had a disappointing weekend. First, I felt so bad, physically, last Sunday that I totally missed the part where it was announced we were having a Good Friday service, during which we would partake of our monthly communion. Then I have felt so badly this weekend that I did not spend the time in prayer and meditation that I should have in preparation for the Easter memorial.

I am pretty sure I am getting sick, since I still feel run-down and have glands swollen in places I didn't even know I had glands. I hope all this poopy-face attitude crap is just a by-product of hormones and trying-not-to-get-sick. Otherwise it's going to be another long week.

Before I forget, here are links to the photographer's blog where Matt's portrait-taker has posted four sneak previews of our photo session on Saturday, and to her website directly. What a talented young lady!

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  1. Love the photos! Matt is quite handsome!!! My fave is #3, but they are all GREAT!!!