Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thinking about eternity

It's an inconceivably long time, isn't it? As a Christian I believe in eternity, and also believe that there are but two choices once our earthly bodies have passed on: Heaven, or Hell. Jesus taught significantly of both, and knew his coming and dying and resurrection were a gift of grace that would grant each of us an eternity in the presence of God should we but believe IN Him. Not believe Him, but IN Him. An important distinction.

I am thinking quite a bit about eternity tonight; it is never a morbid thing with me. We are all
...just that some of us are granted more time than others. Chris Rice is a talented musician who sings often about living in the now but looking always ahead. A favorite song of mine, from his album "Run the Earth, Watch the Sky," is called Nonny Nonny. The whole song is amazing and emotional, but one line keeps popping out at me:

"Something tells me all these years of memories
are only the first sentence of eternity"

Today's sermon was given by our brand-spanking-new associate pastor, and his exhortation was evangelism, and not using excuses in order to not do hard or scary things. "We talk about what we love." he said. "Do we love the Gospel? Do we have a good enough relationship with Christ that we want to tell everyone about it?" (These are not exact quotes, but pretty darn close.) Ouch. No, I am always afraid. This is not an excuse.

Our former senior pastor, who is now on the mission field in Zambia, shared this quote on his Facebook page: "Heaven above is softer blue, earth around is deeper green. Something lives in every hue that Christless eyes have never seen." he did not attribute it, but I think it fits perfectly. 1 John tells us that if we do not love then we do not know God, for God is love. Conversely, if we do not love then we do not know God. If we really truly love our fellow human beings, we want them to hear the good news; we want them to understand the world in a way that makes sense. We don't want them to live in ignorance of their spiritual fate.

This week I will pray for an opportunity to share the gospel, the wisdom to see an open door, and the courage to speak the words we Christians are commanded to share.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I made it through my first five working days...barely. Thank goodness I had a weekend after my first day, then a three-day weekend this past week. I have never been so fatigued without being sick in my life. Fortunately, every day I spent at work I felt a little stronger and lasted a little longer. By Thursday I could go a full eight hours, and felt fantastic afterwards! Unfortunately I felt rotten on Friday. Now, on Sunday afternoon, I finally feel ready to head back to work tomorrow morning, bright and early. I am glad I am almost done with the toughest of the mulching jobs. I have to say my enthusiasm has been severely tempered by a deep dose of reality. Huh. Go figure.

Another Easter has come and gone, and I had a disappointing weekend. First, I felt so bad, physically, last Sunday that I totally missed the part where it was announced we were having a Good Friday service, during which we would partake of our monthly communion. Then I have felt so badly this weekend that I did not spend the time in prayer and meditation that I should have in preparation for the Easter memorial.

I am pretty sure I am getting sick, since I still feel run-down and have glands swollen in places I didn't even know I had glands. I hope all this poopy-face attitude crap is just a by-product of hormones and trying-not-to-get-sick. Otherwise it's going to be another long week.

Before I forget, here are links to the photographer's blog where Matt's portrait-taker has posted four sneak previews of our photo session on Saturday, and to her website directly. What a talented young lady!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Feeling my age

I guess I missed the message at home that I didn't need to come to work today...the weather was supposed to be pretty rough, windy, cold, and possibly rainy or snowy. By the time I got it figured out about the message the weather had turned much more friendly, and I put in four hours. Wow. I was till feeling Friday when I cleaned out a couple more (big!) beds and spread two yards of mulch. Apparently, contrary to my personal philosophy, I am not 25 anymore. When did that happen?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Getting Difficult

It's beginning to come down to the wire for Matt's graduation. I underestimated the difficulty. Today I spent some time cleaning up some scans of photos for a slideshow of Matt growing up. While I was doing this I would glance over at the top of his curly head, snoozing in the recliner. My heart already hurts.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Today was the first day I got to actually get my hands dirty at my new job. Despite not feeling well and fighting a nasty headache ubntil lunch time when I could take something, I loved it. I absolutely LOVE the people I work for and with; my boss is super-accomodating? "Anything you need, Shannon? Anything you want? Just ley us know what you need, and we will get it for you!" I think they are just very, very happy that I am so enthusiastic about my job. I really love it, even though most people consider it boring grunt work. It was grunt-ish today, just cleaning out beds around the clubhouse, but there is so much opportunity coming up to learn some amazing things and be involved in some major re-landscaping there at the golf course. The weather was gorgeous, but the wind did blow. I guess that's what happens at Prairieview: the wind blows. And doesn't stop.

I have my own golf cart with a BIG dumping bed on it, my own tools, heck, even my "own" shed! What I love the most is feeling valued and appreciated, even on the first day.

I hope they feel the same way on my last day.