Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Facebook is the New Evil

...but really Windows Vista is! I am SO sick of it freezing up on me!!!!!

But, wow. I am starting this entry all over again after an epic fail on the part of Vista. Again. Very aggravating!!!!!

So it has been almost a month since I done my appointed task of recording the minutiae of living and thinking so that readers can laugh...or vomit.

First there is Facebook. Originally addicted once my son set up my own account, I am rapidly discovering that too mmuch information is just too much. There has got to be a limit on knowing every little thing that is happening to the people I know, every moment! Twitter must be a hundred times worse...it gives me googly-eyes to even think about it.

Then there is school. Busy, busy busy! Spring break one week, during which I travelled to New Mexico for some "just me and Jesus" time. (Sorry, Mom, hope you understand!)I'll talk about that amazing trip later. Probably. Then six tests one week, three semester projects due the next week, and now finals. I finish finals just in time to start my new job, which I am, technically, excited to begin.

Then the reality of my sister's daughter's situation set in. Gracie is seven, and suffering from a condition so rare that only four other people in the whole world have ever been diagnosed with it. It's a nasty painful thing involving tumors in the bones of her spine. It is not cancer, but it is terminal. The only thing is that no one really knows how much time Grace has. I suppose the same could be true for any of us, but in the meantime she wastes away and suffers excrutiating pain. I pray constantly for relief for her pain and for strength for my sister and our family.

Then last week we had to put one of our two cats down. He was sort of a loner, kinda doing his own thing most of the time, so his lack of presence is not as noticed. But what a sweet, gentle cat he was. There was not a mean bone in his body, and he was exravagantly beautiful. A month ago he was perfect...by the time we knew he needed to say goodbye he was a shade of his former self, and suffering greatly. In the light of Gracie's situation it is easy to remember that he is just a cat, and better him than her. But he was still precious to us, and we do miss him.


Grace in 2005:

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