Friday, February 20, 2009

What a week!

The majority of the Hort department is away on the Milwaukee Field Studies trip. I opted to stay home because I knew this was going to be an overwhelming semester, so I got three days off from school! Woo hoo! One might think this would be a time to relax and enjoy this time...but no way! So much to do, and catch up on. Practically all the first day I worked on my big semester project for Nursery Management. Once I got started I didn't want to stop! It was loads of fun, and seriously, not sarcastically. Our job was to design a nursery layout that would efficiently use all of sixty acres, growing at least five genus of trees. Rotation and planting schedules, initial planting costs, harvest times, final sale cost, pests and diseases associated with our plant choices, irrigation, etc., etc. All were considerations we had to work through. It was a blast. Wish I had sixty acres and a half a million bucks ot get started! :o/

In addition to my school work I have some serious housekeeping tasks to catch up on, mainly my filing. Today is the day given mainly to that task, although I still have to fit in a trip to the vet for our cat (who developed a nasty case of dermatitis and is just miserable), a trip to barn to observe how Tuesday is after a minor injury to her ankle, an appointment later this afternoon, and making sure ducks are in a row before I leave tomorrow for an all-day visit with my mom.

Geez. I can't wait for school to get back in session so I can have a break.

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