Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An unexpected turn of events

Today was Interview Day at school, finally! I have been geting geared up for it for over a week, and was finally starting to get nervous. Interview Day for Hort, and Diesel Technology, is when prospective employers come to the school and sit through a series of first-interviews with students who are interested in working for them. The slots are twenty minutes long, and they get a chance to meet six or so students, learn about their majors and their employment wishes, and decide whether they want to schedule second interviews. Kinda like Speed Dating.....except not. :o)

Well, I went into the day knowing that my first interview was going to be with a company I REALLY wanted to work for. Small and rural yet a complete package as far as landscaping goes...and desperate for good help, including a Landscape Designer. I had another interview with a local golf course, and one more with the greenhouse manager at school.

Something totally unexpected happened: the landscape company seemed to have little interest in me, and I wasn't surprised. I do not, after all, have much experience and wasn't really qualified for the type of position they wanted filled. But the golf! Turns out I was exactly the type of person they were looking for to help rehab, redesign and restore the landscaping on the course! It was an excellent interview, and they really liked me. They asked me to come in and fill out an application, and they won't have to ask twice!!! I relish the thought of working for them. It is some design work but not on a large, formal scale, but it is much more working outside taking care of the plants, coming up with ideas, doing some planting, learning some pruning, garden-type maintenance. Things I am very, very qualified (and eager!) to do.

So, I didn't expect this. But, I did, first thing this morning, pray about the day and relinquished all control to Jesus. "This day is yours, Lord, to do with what you will."

I am surpised at the turn of events....but then again, not really.....

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