Saturday, February 14, 2009

Undeserved Blessings

It's official, the job at Prairieview is mine! I am both very excited, and eager to get started, and humbled deeply. See, I know how exactly this job fits me as a person and as a student, and the tremendous benefits it will provide me in the way of experience. Ths job seems literally created just for me and handed over on a silver platter, thanks be to God. But I know I don't deserve it. Not the job, necessarily, but the blessing it so obviously is. I have been weak, selfish and less-than-faithful. I know how many people are struggling for employment, and for this to fall in my lap almost seems unfair. But I AM grateful...grateful beyond words. I am fully aware that God has his reasons for me to be in this place at this time, and that place in that time. I only pray that my heart and ears will be open to opportunites to glorify Him.

I literally can hardly wait to get started! After filling out my application (as a formality; apparently I had the job before I even set foot in the door! :o) )they took me on a tour of the golf course so I could get a glimpse of the magnitude of the job ahead of me. It's pretty daunting; the beds have been neglected for many years, and even "low maintenance" native perennials are not "no maintenance." But I will have an awesome supervisor who will provide me with detailed lists of what needs to be accomplished each day, and that is absolutely perfect for me! Let's get cracking!!!

Monday is a big, big Botany exam. This is a very in depth course, and we have been learning complex systems for five whole weeks before taking this first exam. This means that there is going to be a LOT of material on this exam. I don't know if this is typical for this instructor, but maybe he will be open to taking smaller exams more often in the future. And of course there are a hundred thigns to do this weekend that are all important and pressing, lol! Just one of those things.

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