Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trees Are People Too

Okay, not really, but they certainly all have their very own personalities; shaped by genetics, culture and environment none is exactly alike. God's handiwork is so blatantly obvious when you consider the wealth of biodiversity, yet much of the world turns a blind eye and deaf ear. Such a pity.

I did much better on my tree ID quiz than I thought. I had all the names down, but putting them to the correct tree was going to prove much more difficult. A couple of foolish blunders, and a couple of complete blanks. But all in all not too bad, considering that when the Trees class took their first test most of them completely boombed it. (This is for Nursery Management.) Now if Botany will only go so well....

Tomorrow I go to the golf course to fill out my application and take a tour of the course, but today on the phone it was mentioned that the interviwers were "tickled with me," and the job is practically mine. I am afraid to be too excited for fear that it will be taken from me through some technicality or aspect not considered.

This leads me to consider God's generosity. It is abundantly clear to me that I did not get this job, but that God provided it for me.

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