Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Circling Back Around

And I don't mean circling the drain! Ha ha! During some research for a school project I came across a landscape and design company not far form here, a homegrown business that has been viable and growing for several decades. The deisgn portfolios they offered for viewing online were lovely, too, and just my cup of tea style-wise. When I realized they had just hired a Landscape Designer from Kish two years ago I thought, "Dang! Guess they won't be needing anyone for a summer internship!" Then, when we driving to a basketball game, we happened to pass right by one of their offices. "Oh," I said, "there's ______." So, imagine my delight to discover they were on the list of interviewers for our interview day at the school! The best part is that because they are significantly more westward than most students in our department, I didn't have a lot of company on the list to interview with them. This means not a lot of competition. Woo Hoo! My delight quickly turned to excitement, which threatened to bubble over my imagination. What if? What if? Now I am a little afraid to keep wanting it, because I don't like to deal with the disappointment. It is a lovely small company, I am not looking for an ambitious career, and it is a relatively close drive. I dreaded the thought of potentially commuting to the suburbs for a minimum wage job.

If there are any praying types out there, please feel free to offer one on my behalf. May I interview well, and may their hearts be moved to hire someone with little formal training, more practical experience, and a whole ton of passion and willingness.

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