Friday, February 6, 2009

Blast from the Past

Yesterday my son signend me up on facebook, so now I am one of gazillions on "the illustrious facebook" as our Sofe so put it. It's fine, I will probably enjoy it. But an early surpise came in the form of finding an old aquaintence, a youth pastor from way back and the man who married me and Steve, Pastor Pete! It was wild to look at his facebook page and remeber some of the past. He and his wife married barely a month before Steve nd I, and we were PP's very first wedding he performed! Now he has five kids and is in Florida again after a stint in New England and the Middle Eastern Seaboard. What a trip.

Tonight was Family Fun Night to benefit the seniors at the kids's school, and I was asked to be in charge of planning, organizing and preparing the meals to be sold. It is a huge undertaking, one I always underestimate. But I think our seniors did excellent work, and likely made a LOT of money! I learned a lot about planning meals for many people, especially when you don't know how many people will be there.

I have to admmit that I didn;t want to do it. After all, I have three big exams coming right up next week, including almost sixty trees to be winter-ID'ed and common and botanical names memorized, Botany, and Nursery management. It is a LOT coming on all at once. Oh, and let's not forget interview day on Wednesday! But it's good. Tomorrow I will have to study. I love my classes, and can't wait to work in the field.

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