Monday, February 23, 2009

4-H and beyond

I have known for weeks that tonight I was scheduled, with another Master Gardener, to give a demonstration and talk about propagation to a local 4-H gardening club. I wasn't really nervous, and I didn't mind at all doing it. But I always feel underprepared, and that does lend some tension to my situation.

I should know better by now that things always go better than I think they will; tonight was no exception. My partner did some hands on with Morning Glory seeds then helped each one of them divide and replant a daylilly. It was a tough act to follow, since my portion was more talk and less action; I spoke on dormancy, and roses, why and how people take cuttings and when NOT to take cuttings. Then I showed them how to begin a rooting. But the kids were so good, very attentive listeners, and had all kinds of questions! They ate it all up, and were very grateful. And quite a range of ages there were, too. All the way from 12 or so down to five or so. It was awesome to talk to kids who were dying to learn about plants. It's amazing to see our future gardeners at work.

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