Friday, January 30, 2009


I have gone longer without logging in to blog...but this is the first time I have actually forgotten to do it! That usually sounds the death knell for my ambitions, but this is important to me. I thank God for the reminder, especially since I have had such a big week.

Yes, my last post was an emotional one...that was a bad day for me as I examined my heart and came face-to-face with my short-comings. God be praised, my friend was very forgiving...what a godly woman! She had every reason to be angry, but she wasn't. My blubbery apology touched her, and she assured me that they lots of cameras at the party and many people were taking pictures. Like I told her, the biggest thing was the trust...I want to be able to do things to help others, and if I constantly fail I cannot do that. What a sobering reminder of how much God carries me every single day, through the big stuff and the not-so-big stuff.

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