Monday, January 5, 2009

So far so good

So far 2009 has felt a lot like, well, 2008. I, as well as countless others, I am sure, always have this sense around the end of December of anticipation, of renewal, of expectation. Its the same sort of feeling one gets around their own birthday each year, if one is already so inclined. But when the day comes, we all realize...gosh, I don't really feel any older than I did yesterday. Or, gee, the first day of 2009 doesn't really feel all that different than the last day of 2008.
Well, it's true- day to day we seldom feel any different unless we are battling pain or illness; in fact, we seldom are different from day-to-day. Most often it is in the course of a month, or a year, or even a decade that we actually see signs of physical, emotional or spiritual progress. Looking backward to January 2008, a LOT has changed in my it probably has for most people.
I hate making New Year's resolutions, as I have already shared. But it IS a logical time to examine my life, where i have been this last year, where I would like to be this next year. Common sense tells me that changes need to be made in my life, and now is as good a time as ever to begin.
For instance: I need to lose some weight, this much is true. I am already spending time on the treadmill and trying to make dietary changes. This morning I had steel-cut oats for breakfast instead of pancakes. When I want ice cream it is two scoops now instead of three. By March I would like to be down to one scoop!
I also need to be better organized, so I have spent time this vacation cleaning up and cleaning out.
I need to cook at home more often, so I ordered that side of pork and quarter-beef that I have put off doing because of the cash outlay; now we will have meat in the freezer at any given time, and what with the new menu-planning program and assigned meal preparation, we should meet that goal handily.
So, no resolutions for me- but change will come nontheless, and hopefully for the better.

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