Monday, January 5, 2009


It is only a week before I head back to the classroom to begin a whole new segment of my college journey. I have a goal, now, (see previous postings)and a prescribed course of action set down by the Horticulture Department at school. I am nervous and excited! I was only excited until a few days ago when I started making my tree flashcards. Because I am beginning the hort program in Spring semester, the other students will already have taken their Tree Identification class. When I registered for my classes I asked the instructor to provide me with their list of trees so I could be a little caiught up, and he was hapy to oblige. "Great!" I thought, "I am already a bit of a tree geek anyway, so this should be easy to do." 100 flashcards later my hand is cramping and I am just finishing up copying the overstory trees! It will be at least another hour to get through the understory and evergreens trees, but that is not even having begun the actual memorization. Scientific and common names, thank you very much. I better get crackin' like a tree branch in an ice storm....

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