Friday, January 30, 2009

Off to University

Last weekend, besides being one in which I royally screwed up, was the weekend Matt, Steve and I travelled to Indiana to visit the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University. Matt has friends there, and his best friend had visited and decided he wanted to go there, giving the campus and the people rave reviews; naturally Matt wants to go, too. So it fell to us as partents to visit the campus for ourselves and visit the department in which he wants to major. I am pleased to report the college is everything he said it was, and more. We have no qualms at all about sending him off instead of doing two years at the community college first, except maybe the financing. We weren't quite prepared for that, but we'll figure it out.

So Matt has work to do: take the ACT again and see if he can gain another point ( to bump him up a scholarship level), send in his applications, GET A JOB, save for his room board and books. It's coming on fast.

Know what else is coming on fast? MY semester. Holy cow, we are a third of the way through already!!! In less than two weeks there will be an interview day at the school for the Hort department, and I am very, very excited to be facing the opportunity to work outside the home. Not that I mind the home...but I absolutely LOVE what I am learning at school, and am anxious to put my learning to practical use.

Another thing that took me by surprise is my floral arrangement class. I expected it to be easy, and it is, but I also thought I would not really get into it. In fact, I enjoy it very much! I am not particulraly good at it, but I certainly enjoy it. And because our (hefty) lab fee covers all the materials we use in class we get to bring home our arrangements! Last week was a bud vase arrangement and I knew we were going to be gone for many days anyway, so I left it at the school. So many compliments! This week we made two so I took one to the school again. I hope they don't get sick of them. What's REALLY funny, though, is that since this class is a required one for all Hort majors, even Turf Management, there are quite a few guys in the class. Maybe even more guys than gals. But they take their work very seriously, and some are very meticulous and have a great eye! The instructor said that oftentimes girls like arranging better, but guys end up being better at it for whatever reason. Go figure.

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