Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow Enough

I already mentioned the softening snow falling, and I recant nothing. But there was a twinge of sorrow in my heart when I awoke this morning to see four inches on the ground. You see, this means, quite decidedly, that I may not wear my sandals any longer. Oh, I fight, and I protest, an I push the boundaries. On days when it is getting quite nippy I will throw a pair of socks on under those sandals and flap out the door happy as a lark. But four inches is too much. Wet feet are no fun, no matter how funky your socks might be.

On a brighter note, I am conquering my math. It may not be a shut-out in the final contest, but I will be happy with not having to retake the course. I just hate the thought of a "C" among my otherwise straight A' an eyeball mocking me from my transcript. Oh well. Math, among other things, keeps me humble and absolutely dependant on God every day. That may sound nauseatingly trivial in light of the kinds of life-changing trials that folks can be subjected to, but math is something I will never master. So every time I pick up my pencil and mondo eraser to crunch numbers, it is a reminder that it is God who accomplishes, and not me. In math as in life.

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