Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Yet

Since I truly starting keeping this blog I have missed the mnost days in a row...which isn't really a long time by normal standards, but is practically an eternity for me! Things like this can very quickly fall to the wayside as I make other priorities in my I guess I cna feel confident that the blogging is doing me some actual service.

So, I was a little nervous after missing so many days, I actually wondered if I had already ended it in my head. But no, I was just sick. Not sick like I was last february, with bronchitis and early pneumonia, thank God, but sick enough with a head-then-chest cold that blogging was out of the question. But I am not down and out....only sidelined! I have pushed through and reached the other side of my illness. The 15 hours of sleep I got yesterday probably had something to do with that.

I have been keeping busy (when not on the couch or in bed) getting caught up on household projects and getting organized before my next semester at school. I started the last one so quickly that I had no time to prepare, either mentally or logistically. I hope this time it will be better. The kids and I are sharing more chore workload, and I am making a good space to study and read. Thankfully I still have two whole weeks to accomplish some projects (curtains for the windows, a couple skirts for my fat hips)and stock the freezer.

Christmas was fine. My mom made it down for a few days, in between rain/ice/snow storms. We never got a tree put up; the boys were not interested, and Steve was not interested in gathering one. Frankly, I was not feeling spry enough myself, so we made do. We had a lot of fun, even though there wasn't a lot under the tree. We're still eating our ubiquitous Christmas chocolate!

Now it is time to start an exercise routine. I am too heavy, and out of shape. Also, I have to do a summer internship, and need to be able any physical labor i may face.

This is not, however, a New Year's resolution- those are simply another opportunity for me to fail. Instead it will be a monthly goal. Bite-sized pieces. Like the Snickers........


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