Saturday, December 13, 2008

Math relief

Some good news and bad news in regards to math. Our final is to be taken this next Monday afternoon, and I have been sweating it, big time. The good news, however, is that I only need to make a 44 our of 100 to get a C, and making a C means not having to re-take the course. The bad news is that no matter how well I do on the final I will not be able to achieve a B.

I think I will just be grateful for my C! :o)

On a completely different track: Christmas is difficult this year. I love the season, and we don;t go crazy with decorations or parties or whatnot, so it is not necessarily a stressful time. But we do like to give one or two nice gifts to the kids; we don't buy them a whole lot during the year aside from what they need for clothing and see Christmas as an opportunity to get them soemthing special. The problem this year is not with buying for Matt- he always has a list of wants, and we did early Christmas when he saw a sweet Fender Telly guitar at a garage sale for a really low price. Its hard to not have anything under the tree for him (maybe some clothes anyway) but he is so happy with that guitar he doesn't care. (He wants his sennior portraits taken with it! :o) )

The difficulty comes with our Phillip. At sixteen, he has very few wants. He listens to some music, but is not constantly plugged-in. He does some gaming, but one or two different games suits him just fine. That leaves clothes or books, and it also means a giftcard for them so he gets what he wants. Lamesauce. *sigh*

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