Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Loss

This past weekend I lost another grandparent. Technically he was the father of my step-mother, but he and his wife (my step-mother's step-mother) always treated me no differently than any of their "real" grandkids. They were not very demonstrative grandparents, and I cannot say I learned anything profound from them- in fact they have always been kind of bicker-y and difficult; especially in the later years- but they were a part of my family, and I theirs, and I appreciate that fact. Grampa Kelly always did have a smile and a hug, and he smelled of pipe smoke for all of my younger years. A barrel-chested Irishman, he never took guff from anyone. He passing is still mourned.

My maternal and paternal grandparents have all passed away, and my husband's grandmother has passed; that means that of all our grandparents, in-law, step and otherwise, two remain- Steve's Grampa Godby and my Gramma Kelly. That is a lot of history lost....

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