Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A first follower!

Okay, so I had to beg, plead and bribe with a prize...but I have my first follower! Thanks, JK, for lending some legitimacy to my humble musings!

I am supposed to be leaving for an appointment several miles from here, but I pore over this blog instead, too excited about my first follower. Really, the problem will arise with the snow-we got another six inches last night. I am incredibly lucky though, because Snowblower-Guy lives across the street and two houses down...and he loves his snowblower! Enough that when it snows he makes the rounds of the neighbors and helps clear their driveways. We LOVE snowblower-guy, and had the privilege of returning the favor by helping him clear some downed trees during our almost-tornado last summer.

But I still have to clear off the cars and move them around before I can go...guess I better get crackin'!

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