Monday, December 15, 2008

Fall-back Plans

The semester is as good as finished, finally, and it was a long time coming. That is, IF I got at least 44 point on my math final, and that is not as self-effacing at it might seem. I really sweated bullets during the exam, and I am not positive I got those needed points. I am reasonably confident of somewhere between 60 and 65 points....if I was careful with my calculations and didn't make the dumb mistakes I am known to make.

What I learned was this: it really IS okay to make a C, especially if everything else in an A. That it still a really good cumulative GPA.

So I was looking at my Spring 09 schedule, and while it LOOKS very, very full it really is only about 17 hours, minus my internship and field study registrations. These won't really add much to my schedule; one is a summer internship job, and the other a four-day trip. So for those 17 hrs I get to take Botany for Horticulture, Internship orientation, Perennial Flowers, Nursery Management, Beginning Floral Arrangments, and General Biology and lab. Those last two are my hedge-bets. I need those to take Anatomy and Physiology, and I need to have taken both of those before I can apply for the nursing program (if I so desire.) So, if it looks like Landscape Design will be a poor choice in this economy, I have a fall-back plan.

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