Monday, December 8, 2008

The Bell Citation

The title won't mean anything to anybody, I assure you. Except on the offchance that one of my groupmates from our collaborative English project happens to drop in. But it sounds like the really cool title of a blockbuster movie starring Matt Damon or, if I am really lucky, George Clooney.

It does, however, offer me a springboard into a thought I had today about blogging, brought to my mind while reading a book excerpt I downloaded for free. On a hunt for the rest of the excerpt I came across a blogger who was actually lamenting the whole blogging culture until he gained a little perspective. Essentially, his epiphany was that this cyber-oriented generation has been given unparalleled opportunities to express themselves, whether they have anything worthwhile to say or not. This leads to the natural conclusion that most of us do not. After all, who am I to expect that someone would actually be interested enough in what I say to be an actual "follower" of my musings? Fact is, I am no one. This doesn't bother me one bit, either. I have no illusions of literary grandeur arising from the cyber-penning of my psyche. But, like the aforementioned blogger, it sure is fun, and it does challenge me to think about what I have accomplished in the course of a day, and what I have learned from successes or failures or experiences.

So, what DID I learn today? Among many other things,I learned that I still have deep longings for material things that have a real possibility of eating away at true joy. Granted, the "material thing" is a piece of secluded land with room to roam, water to play in and views that will knock your socks off...but it is still a material want, for this too will pass away someday. I must guard everyday against discontentment and envy, and appreciate the blessings God has sent my way. I ask the Lord to get me back to the land someday, but I will be fine if I do, fine if I don't. God is good no matter what.

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