Saturday, November 29, 2008

Times of Transition

As transition times go, ours right now are relatively mundane. Hubby's job is secure in this unstable economy, we are not threatened with losing our house, we have had no close deaths in our families.

But my son, my firstborn, is graduating from high school this next Spring. How many other mothers out there understand the tension of "Please go!" and "Not yet!" I bet most. It has been a thrill ride for us with him, lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. But as of late he has really come into his own. Even while we feel the frustration of raising teenagers we are endlessly proud of him. He is a godly young man on his way to, and prepared for, whatever God is going to send his way. I am very excited to see what God has planned for him.

And MY school. I have been home taking care of house, grounds and kids for 18 years, now. Being in school and facing being in the workforce again takes some getting use to. My housework has suffered the most, since I have been a marginal housekeeper at best anyway. Maybe we as a family will yet get that figured out.

And we transition into the final phases of being parents with children at home, at the tender ages of 37 and 39. Last year we spent most of the year pursuing international adoption, with nothing to show for the fruits of our labor. The bulk of the story is one for another time, but essentially God very gently but very obviously closed doors to each avenue we attempted to travel. Even though we recognize and accepted this, it was heart-breaking. Most of this current year I worked through coming to terms with the fact that we were done, as far as we know, with bringing more children into our home. Is this the very defintion of "empty-nest syndrome?"

So I face the next few years with trepidation and delight. How will the boys adjust to being out in the world on their own? Will their foibles be major or minor? Will they find mates? Will I like those mates? Through it all, th0ugh, is the theme of God's love and trustworthiness. I DO, Lord. I trust you through it all.

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